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Vancouver Dental Assisting School

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Dental Assisting is growing rapidly.  Secure your future and begin a rewarding career.  As a dental assistant you will work alongside the dentist and for the patients. Our program will prepare you to enter the dental profession with confidence and the ability to make a difference!

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Our Program

The program will include classroom and clinical training on the following:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Dentistry and Dental Assisting
  • Course 2: Basic Dental Assisting Theory – Part 1
  • Course 3: Basic Dental Assisting Theory – Part 2
  • Course 4: Assisting for Operative Dentistry
  • Course 5: Radiology – Part 1
  • Course 6: Radiology – Part 2
  • Course 7: Assisting for Prosthodontics
  • Course 8: Dental Specialties
  • Course 9: Cosmetic Dentistry –
    Introduction to Administrative Techniques
  • Course 10: Administrative Techniques (cont.), Interview techniques, CPR Certification, and Graduation