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Vancouver Dental Assisting School

Your new career awaits you

  • What is the advantage of a 10 week course vs. a 12 month course?

You will pay thousands of dollars more for a year long program sitting in classroom lectures. With our intense and comprehensive curriculum, you will receive hands on training from day one. Our instructors know what is important for you to learn. They will help you receive an education and proper training in a working dental office so you can find a job and start earning an income faster! Vancouver Dental Assisting School offers a short term solution to what can be a long term program.

  • Is your school registered with the State?

Absolutely YES, we are registered within the State of Washington. The Vancouver Dental Assisting School is a Post Secondary Educational Institution, Certified and Licensed by the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. Our License certifies that our school complies with the requirements of the Private Vocational School Act, chapter 28C.10 RCW (Revised code of Washington "Private Vocational Schools Act") and WAC 490-105

  • I have no dental experience, what if I find the program too hard?

We want you to succeed! Our instructors are available to help you with any difficulties you might have. We will take the time necessary until you understand the concepts to be a valuable dental assistant. We will make ourselves available to you during classroom hours or after hours.

  • Will I be working with a dentist?

Yes! You will be working alongside Dr. Herma Ranola. You can read all about her on the About Us page of our website. What is important to know about Dr. Ranola is her love of teaching. She is fun and outgoing and very approachable, which creates the ideal environment for learning. Dr. Ranola values continuing education and keeps up on the latest dental technology. She and her team members attend numerous dental conferences throughout the United States.

  • What happens when I complete the course?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a Radiology Certificate and you are ready to start applying for Dental Assisting jobs! We help you prepare for the resume and interviewing process and will share first hand knowledge of what dentists and office managers are looking for in a great assistant. While we do not guarantee employment, we will pass along employment opportunities to our graduates.

  • I’m interested, how do I register?

The easiest and best way to register is to download and print the registration form and mail it or bring it right to our office. You can also head to the Contact Us page so we can set up a tour right away!