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Why Choose Us?

The benefits of taking a dental assistant course are abundant. At Vancouver Dental Assisting School we make those benefits clear from the start. From job training to hands on learning experiences, there are several dental assistant course benefits. See some of the skills you’ll be learning below:


Job Interviewing Skills
Our staff members have practical experience and are trained to interview prospective dental assistants, so who better to teach real-world interviewing skills? We train students in exactly what skills dentists are looking for as well as provide feedback from mock interviews and specific interview training. These skills provide students with the opportunity to stand out in a crowd when interviewing.

Job Placement Assistance
While students are responsible for their own job searches, the staff at Vancouver Dental Assisting School provides our students with insider knowledge of potential job listings.

Certificate of Completion and Radiology Certificate
To receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a Radiology Certificate from Vancouver Dental Assisting School, students must successfully complete our 10-week course and pass all exams including mid-term, final exam, and radiology exams.

Letter of Recommendation
Once a student has fulfilled all of the requirements set by Vancouver Dental Assisting School, students are able to request a letter of recommendation. This letter will provide information to potential employers about the student course outline as well as a positive note about their personal performance throughout the course. We do retain the right to refuse any request for a letter of recommendation.