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Dental Assisting Program Outline

Our dental assisting program includes courses on the following subjects, with both classroom and clinical training:

Course #1: Introduction to Dentistry and Dental 

Course #2: Basic Dental Assisting Theory – Part 1 

Course #3: Basic Dental Assisting Theory – Part 2 

Course #4: Assisting for Operative Dentistry 

Course #5: Radiology – Part 1 

Course #6: Radiology – Part 2 

Course #7: Assisting for Prosthodontics 

Course #8: Dental Specialties 

Course #9: Cosmetic Dentistry – Introduction to Administrative Techniques 

Course #10: Administrative Techniques (cont.), Interview Techniques, CPR Certification, and Graduation 

Necessary AIDs/HIV training and CPR will be included in the Course work. 

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What Our Dental Assisting Students Say

“I do and would invite students that are thinking of what they want to be when they finish school. I recommend VDAS if they are interested in the dental field. I highly recommend Vancouver Dental Assisting School. Great quality and great people. They are awesome!”

– Brenda Oritz | 5.4.2021

“I am currently enrolled and have 3 weeks left! This has been nothing but a positive experience for me and I have loved my instructors. Not only are they really hands-on in lecture and clinical, making sure we understand everything being taught, but they also have helped set up our externships with other dental offices outside of class, where we get to shadow dentists and their assistants to get that extra experience and training. If you want to become a dental assistant, I would highly recommend this school!”

– Kyli

“I am so happy that I was able to attend VDAS! I had two amazing knowledgable teachers who taught us everything that we needed to know about dental assisting in only 10 weeks! We also had the opportunity to shadow and work with Dr. Ranola, which was a great experience! I recommend this program to anybody who wants to start a career in dentistry.”

– Samyra A.

Why We Are Unique

Dental assisting is a rapidly growing career field. Secure your future and begin a rewarding career as a dental assistant working alongside dentists and for the patients. Our dental assistant program prepares you to enter the dental profession with confidence and the ability to make a difference! We certify students from Vancouver and the Portland metro area. Our farthest Alumni students were from Winlock, WA and Dallas, OR.

Hands-on training

Small class size

one-on-one attention

Financial Assistance

Direct feedback from instructors & dentists

Resume & interview preparation

Our School Faculty

Dr. Herma Ranola

Director of Student Success • Dentist

Dr. Ranola started Vancouver Dental Assisting School to share her knowledge and expertise with students who want to pursue a career in dentistry. Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Ranola began her journey as a registered dental assistant. Because of that, she understands just how important it is to have high-quality dental assistants. 

Dr. Ranola is knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about continued education, both personally and professionally. She particularly enjoys mentoring students who do not thrive in a traditional school setting or struggle with confidence. She looks forward to meeting every new student and helping them achieve a fulfilling dental career as she has.

Jasmine Schuetze

Director of Education • Lead Instructor

Jasmine has been a practicing dental assistant for over 15 years. She has assisted with many types of procedures, including oral surgery, crowns, root canals, and orthodontics. When she is not leading our students into their future careers, she is the Team Leader at Ranieu Family Dental. She has held a current RDA for Washington state as well as RHS and Oregon radiology certificate and is currently working toward getting her EFDA. Jasmine balances her work and life by enjoying family time with her daughter, Kalisi. Together, they enjoy all the local hiking trails and are avid campers.

Brittney Neblock


Brittney has been in the dental field for the past 8 years. She has always had a passion for dentistry ever since she was little. She attended Clark College where she finished all her prerequisites for the Dental Hygiene Program. While waiting to get into the program, she attended Dental Assisting School to start her career in the dental field as soon as possible. Right after completing the program, she went to work as an orthodontic assistant. The doctor she worked with trusted her to train new employees and that’s where she fell in love with teaching. She balances her work and life with family time with her two children, Madison and Jordan.

What Local Dentists Are Saying

 Mr. Isaiah D. graduated from Vancouver Dental Assisting school. I have been working with Isaiah for about 10 months. He is a dedicated employee at Vancouver Emergency Tooth Doctor. Isaiah is the first assistant to show up to work eager to help and is the last assistant to leave the office. He is extremely dedicated and therefore has been given two raises since he started. I am grateful for all the hard work that Isaiah has been doing at ETD. 

Thank you VDAS for training Isaiah.


– Dr. Ridder, Emergency Tooth Doctor

“Vancouver Dental Assisting has been great. They were very fast and responsive placing a student in my office. Their communication was great and efficient. I recommend choosing them.”

– Dr. Judy Fu

How to Register for Our Dental Assisting Program Online

Your dreams of working in dentistry have never been closer. Simply follow these three steps to register for our next open class and you’ll be on your way to a more promising future.

Call For Inquiry


We have carefully prepared an enrollment agreement and school catalog covering all necessary items you need to make a well-educated decision. Please review them carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


After reviewing the documents, you’re now ready to enroll and take the first step towards a rewarding new career. Simply use our online portal to pay a one-time $150 registration fee to reserve your spot in the class.



Next, call or email us to set up an in-person interview where our faculty will provide a tour of our facility and guide you through the entire application process, including presenting options to apply for financial assistance. Don’t forget to bring a copy of the enrollment agreement and school catalog with you on the day of the interview.

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